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Joey Gallo recalled, starting at 1B tonight

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The Texas Rangers have recalled Joey Gallo from AAA Round Rock, and he's hitting sixth tonight, playing 1B

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to the big leagues, Joey Gallo...

The Texas Rangers have recalled Joey Gallo from AAA Round Rock, and have optioned Jared Hoying to AAA Round Rock to make room for him on the active roster.

This is a move I was...not expecting.  I figured the Rangers would hold off on calling up Gallo until at least August 1, since there was a possibility that he will be dealt before the trade deadline, and I figured that they also wanted to give him more time in AAA, especially given how reluctant Jeff Banister was to play him the last time he was up.  However, with Jurickson Profar and Mitch Moreland both slumping, and with Prince Fielder out for the year, it appears that the front office decided it was Gallo time.  I am curious about how on board Banister is with Gallo coming up, though I suspect that there's at least some clarity that maybe wasn't there last time he was up in regards to what his role is to be.

I think the Gallo move helps explain why the lineup was so late in going up today.

Anyway...the lineup:

Profar -- SS

Mazara -- RF

Desmond -- CF

Beltre -- 3B

Odor -- 2B

Gallo -- 1B

Rua -- LF

Moreland -- DH

Chirinos -- C

Nick Martinez, also recalled today, is on the mound for Texas, with Sonny Gray going for Oakland.