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Thursday Morning Links

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports


And, boy, do we need some cannon fodder.

An item is not worth what a seller believes it's worth, but what a buyer is willing to pay.

The making of Joey Gallo, first baseman, is ongoing.

If there's a major baserunning error, it's time to ask the manager if he's going to put up the red lights.

Gerry Fraley has five things Rangers fans should know about the faltering 



Matt Bush, you broke poor Yu Darvish's heart.

So did you, Khris Davis.

The Rangers acquired the pitching equivalent of Travis Demeritte yesterday.

The Rangers are apparently hoping to keep doing back surgeries on Prince Fielder until the inevitable heat death of the universe.

Colby Lewis will be getting an MRI to determine where team doctors will insert the spare parts that they're taking out of Prince Fielder.

Well, at least Cole Hamels is healthy.  For the moment.