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Friday Morning Links

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Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Cole Hamels, you complete me.

Yu Darvish may cross the 100 pitch threshhold in his next start.

Josh Hamilton is 100% sure he's going to play for the Rangers in 2017 on his reconstructed knee.  For 3-7 games, maybe, as long as he doesn't have to run or stand.

Two new pitchers to be disappointed by!

Mitch Moreland played the game the right way all the way to a Ranger victory.

Rougned Odor and Yordano Ventura have a friendly rivalry, though that is not a rivalry I would want to stand to close to without some form of protection.

The Rangers unveiled Josh Hamilton Field at their youth baseball academy yesterday.

Joey Gallo sits atop the Rangers midseason prospect list.

Josh Hamilton will be 100% this spring!  And like a 3 year old iPhone, 5 minutes later he'll be dead again.

Nick Martinez has been optioned to make room for new reliever Dario Alvarez.