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Chi Chi Gonzalez expected to start Thursday

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Jeff Banister says that he expects Chi Chi Gonzalez to start for Texas on Thursday

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Chi Chi Gonzalez is expected to start for the Texas Rangers on Thursday, according to manager Jeff Banister (via the beat guys on Twitter).

Gonzalez recorded just two outs yesterday before being pulled in the first inning, facing eight batters and allowing two hits and two walks.  However, he was also victimized by bad defense, and probably should have been out of the first inning without allowing any runs.  It sounds like Banister is tending to assign the blame for that aborted outing to the defense, and at this point, is willing to give Chi Chi another shot against the Twins at home on Thursday.

Gonzalez, the Rangers' first rounder in 2013, struggled for much of this season at AAA Round Rock, though a recent strong stretch led the Rangers to turn to him when they needed someone to fill in until Yu Darvish is ready to return.  Gonzalez allowed five runs in five innings in his first start, with yesterday's outing being his second start since being called up.