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Mitch Moreland scratched with tight calf muscle

Mitch Moreland was a last minute scratch for the Texas Rangers due to a tight calf muscle

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers first baseman Mitch Moreland was a last minute scratch from today's game between the Rangers and the Minnesota Twins, being removed from the start lineup due to tightness in his right calf.  Jurickson Profar replaced Moreland in the starting lineup.

This puts the Rangers in a difficult spot, because the team currently is carrying two catchers as part of their four man bench -- with Moreland unavailable, the bench today consists of Ryan Rua and two catchers.  That greatly limits the bench flexibility Jeff Banister has in regards to late inning moves, and could prompt the Rangers to make a move to put Moreland on the disabled list if they believe he will miss a few games.

With the All Star Break starting a week from Monday, a d.l. move for Moreland would cost him, potentially, just 11 games.  The Rangers could bring up Jared Hoying to be a backup outfielder, allowing Profar and Ryan Rua to split time at first base, if they want an extra bench guy.  The Rangers could, theoretically, also call up Joey Gallo, though he's been slumping at late, and didn't seem to handle it well when he was called up earlier this year just to sit on the bench.  I tend to think the Rangers wouldn't call Gallo up unless he was going to be getting regular at bats at first base.

Texas could opt to buy some time to make a decision with Moreland by sending down Chi Chi Gonzalez, yesterday's starter, in order to bring up a bench guy.  That would likely force the Rangers to start either Michael Roth, Cesar Ramos or Connor Sadzeck on Thursday, rather than Chi Chi, but if they think Moreland might not need a d.l. stint, but don't want the bench to be shorthanded, it could offer an interim solution.