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MLB Trade Rumors: Texas Rangers out on Jonathan Lucroy, per Crasnick

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Jerry Crasnick says the Rangers are out on catcher Jonathan Lucroy, who appears to be getting dealt

Kansas City Royals v Texas Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

MLB Trade Rumors: The Texas Rangers are out on Milwaukee Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy, according to Jerry Crasnick on Twitter. Crasnick says that it appears to be the Cleveland Indians who are poised to land Lucroy, who is not in tonight’s lineup, apparently because of the possibility of a deal being consummated soon.

As we discussed earlier today, the Rangers were said by Ken Rosenthal to be more likely to land Derek Norris of the Padres than Lucroy, should they opt to go after a catcher. Kurt Suzuki is another player who the Rangers reportedly are at least checking in on, as they explore what options there are for an upgrade over Bobby Wilson who won’t cost a great deal, either in money or prospects.

In the meantime, it still sounds like if a move is made between now and Monday’s deadline by the Rangers, it will be for a pitcher, although T.R. Sullivan tweets that there may be more concern about Shin-Soo Choo and his back than has been let on. I tend to be of the belief that Choo is likely breaking down physically, and with his back problems and other aches and pains, he’s simply not someone you can count on to be in the lineup consistently anymore.