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Indians, Brewers agree on Lucroy trade, per reports

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Multiple reports indicate the Indians and the Brewers have agreed on a deal to send Jonathan Lucroy to Cleveland

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Indians and the Milwaukee Brewers have reportedly agreed to a deal that would send Jonathan Lucroy to the Indians for four players, according to multiple reports.

The deal isn't official yet because Lucroy must waive his no-trade clause to go to Cleveland, and because the teams are still reviewing medicals.  However, it appears likely this deal will go through.

Texas was widely speculated to be the most likely destination for Lucroy, but talks between the Rangers and the Brewers never appeared to get much traction.  Reports earlier today indicated that Derek Norris or Kurt Suzuki would be more likely targets, should the Rangers make a move for a catcher.

UPDATE -- Jonathan Lucroy has reportedly vetoed the trade, pursuant to his no-trade clause, according to multiple reports.

Now, that doesn't mean that this deal doesn't happen -- it just means that, if Cleveland wants Lucroy, they are going to have to make it worth his while.  They could mean paying him to waive the no-trade clause.  That could mean agreeing to an extension.  Lucroy could (and probably should) ask to turn the 2017 option into a player option, instead of a team option, but that isn't something Cleveland is likely to do.

Milwaukee could circle back around and try to find another deal, but more likely, both Cleveland and Milwaukee will work with Lucroy to see what can be done to satisfy him and get him to waive the no-trade.

UPDATE II -- Jeff Passan says that Lucroy asked Cleveland to get rid of the 2017 option to waive the no-trade.  Cleveland, of course, said no.