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Thoughts on a 2-1 Rangers win

Rangers 2, Royals 1

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Rangers 2, Royals 1

  • So in the first inning, I was thinking I might have to stay off Twitter all night...Marteen allowed a couple of hits and a run, and the run was because of Elvis, and when those two guys struggle people bitch and my mentions get full of "stop defending him you homer!!!" nonsense.  And the first inning, it looked like it would be that sort of night.
  • And instead, it was no big deal, ultimately.  The game started with an infield single and a regular single, putting runners on first and second with no one out.  Lorenzo Cain then hit a tailor-made double play ball to Elvis Andrus...and it took a bad hop, skipped off the heel of Elvis's glove, Elvis kicked it, and he was lucky to get the runner at second base.  Instead of runner on third, two outs, it was runners on the corners, one out, and everyone started talking about how this is where Martin Perez melts down.
  • Eric Hosmer hit what could have been a double play ball to Rougned Odor, but Cain was in motion, and so the only play was to first, and a run scored, and everyone got grouchy.
  • But things, as it turned out, were fine.  Perez got Kendrys Morales to strike out, ending the inning, and really, that was it for Royals threats the rest of the game.  Only two Royals runners made it to second the rest of the way, and both of them did so with two outs.  Perez pitched well and got double plays, Matt Bush pitched two scoreless innings, and all was good.
  • Perhaps most 107 pitches over 7 innings, Perez generated 15 swinging strikes, his highest total in a game this season.  Missing bats has been a huge problem for Perez this year...getting a swinging strike rate close to that date going forward would be huge for him.
  • Texas scored a run in the third, when Elvis Andrus led off with a triple, and after a Joey Gallo strikeout, was singled home by Bobby Wilson, tying the game.  (And let's just not talk about how Gallo did tonight, okay?).
  • That was it for scoring until Mitch Moreland's no doubt two out walk off home run in the ninth.  Hooray!
  • Texas is now up five on Houston, after the Astros came back to take a ninth inning lead against the Tigers, and then blew that lead and the game.  Worst case, the Rangers are up 4 games at the end of July.  That's good, right?