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Monday morning Rangers things

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Monday morning Rangers news and links

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, folks...

The Rangers lost to the Twins yesterday, 5-4.

Jeff Wilson's game story talks about the Rangers being unable to overcome Cole Hamels' uncharacteristically short start.

Over at the DMN, the game story questions why the Rangers are just 8-7 against last place teams.

Gerry Fraley writes that the Rangers have some options if they choose not to go with Chi Chi Gonzalez again in the rotation.

Gil Lebreton writes that it is time for Mitch Moreland and Prince Fielder to play less, and for Ryan Rua and Jurickson Profar to play more.

The S-T's notes talk about Chi Chi Gonzalez, Michael Roth, Nick Martinez, Ian Desmond, and Mitch Moreland.

The Rangers' website notes talk about Luke Jackson being sent down and Roth being called up, Desmond, and Colby Lewis.