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Video: Travis Demeritte plate appearances

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Via Bobby DeMuro, we have video of High Desert second baseman Travis Demeritte batting

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Video: Travis Demeritte, the High Desert second baseman who the Rangers selected in the supplemental first round in 2013, is the subject of some video from Bobby DeMuro, which you can check out below.

Demeritte, 21, has a .251/.338/.556 slash line this season, with 20 home runs, which leads the Cal League -- the next highest on the list is San Jose's Chris Shaw, with 16.  Demeritte also has an alarming 105 Ks in 275 at bats this season, so the contact issues raise a red flag, but still...the power is intriguing, and real, so if he can cut down on the K's (which is of course a big "if") he could be very intriguing.