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Video: Dillon Tate, Texas Rangers righthanded pitcher

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Via David Lee, we have video of 2015 first round pick Dillon Tate

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Video:  Dillon Tate, the righthanded pitcher the Texas Rangers selected at #4 overall in the 2015 draft, has been toiling away at low-A Hickory this year.  I think it is fair to say his season has been disappointing, as he's put up uninspiring numbers and generated even more uninspiring reports from observers, as he works to incorporate the mechanical changes the Rangers are trying to use to smooth out his delivery without losing his stuff, and while maintaining some semblance of command.

Via David Lee, we have some video below of Tate pitching in a recent game that you can check out.  It is rare to get video footage for guys in A-ball, so I think its worth checking out if you have interest in him, and in seeing what's going on with the work he's doing.