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Thursday Morning Links

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David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Grant says that the Rangers are playing like crap because they're a bunch of wussies.

Evan also describes Jose LeClerc's performance last night as "plucky," which leads me to believe that if I were to look up his height it would be 6'0 or under.

Oh, no.  Ian Desmond-as-Michael-Young talk begins.

You know what?  King Charles VI of France had delusions that he was made of glass.  Apropos of nothing, here's some Derek Holland news.

Injury update?  Round up the usual suspects.

The Rangers and Rays are still at the "kiss with no tongue" stage in trade talks.

T.R. Sullivan recaps the debacle last night.

Welcome back, Jared Hoying!

Bunch of lollygaggers.