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Keith Law's top 25 under 25, Pesikoff on Brinson

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Keith Law has a new piece out that includes a couple of Rangers, and Bernie Pesikoff writes up Lewis Brinson

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Keith Law has a new post up at ESPN, ranking his top 25 players in the majors right now who are under 25 years of age.  Two Rangers make the list -- Jurickson Profar, at #13, and Nomar Mazara, at #17.

I thought it was interesting that Rougned Odor didn't make the list, or even honorable mention, although Law explains in his chat this week that Odor hasn't progressed this year, and his lack of walks is a problem.  Law also talks about Joey Gallo in the chat, criticizing Jeff Banister for not using Gallo when he was up earlier this season.

Meanwhile, Bernie Pesikoff has a scouting report up on Lewis Brinson, and despite Brinson's rough 2016, he has high praise for him, projecting Brinson to be a role 6 player as a major leaguer.