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Video: Joey Gallo, Lewis Brinson

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We have video of a Lewis Brinson triple last night, as well as a mammoth Joey Gallo home run

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Video:  Joey Gallo, Lewis Brinson.  Texas Rangers prospects Joey Gallo and Lewis Brinson have scuffled the last couple of months, both with injuries and disappointing performance, but both had huge days yesterday, which we have video evidence of.

Gallo, prior to yesterday, had put up "just" a .238/.353/.515 slash line in 119 plate appearances since returning to AAA in late May from his brief stint in the majors earlier this year, and had struggled with his contact rate and, it sounds like, with his demeanor.  Gallo did damage yesterday, however, going 4 for 5 with three singles and a home run, lifting his slash line on the year to .259/.387/.580, and getting his K rate back below 30% for the season.  You can check out the home run below.

Brinson, meanwhile, missed almost a month with a shoulder issue, and had been struggling with his swing prior to the injury.  Yesterday was his second day back from the d.l., and he responded with a 3 for 4 night that included a walk and a pair of triples, getting him up to .230/.291/.432.  Perhaps most encouraging, Brinson has just 41 strikeouts in 235 plate appearances this season...with his power, speed and defense, if Brinson can just keep his K rate down, he should be a solid major leaguer.

The video below is of Brinson's second triple, and while, as you will see, he didn't exactly smoke the ball, it does show off his speed.