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Giants acquire Will Smith for Bickford, Susac

The San Francisco Giants acquired potential Ranger target Will Smith from the Milwaukee Brewers

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Will Smith, Milwaukee Brewers left handed relief pitcher and reportedly a player of interest to the Texas Rangers, has been traded to the San Francisco Giants for minor league pitcher Phil Bickford and catcher Andrew Susac.

That's an impressive haul for Smith, a 27 year old with a 3.68 ERA and a 4.27 FIP in 22 innings this year.  Smith is under team control for three seasons beyond 2016, and is coming off a 2.70 ERA/2.47 FIP campaign, but landing Bickford, the Giants' 2015 first rounder who is performing well in A-ball, is a steep price to pay for the Giants.

While the Rangers have reportedly had interest in Smith, the Brewers also have Jeremy Jeffress and Tyler Thornburg as available bullpen arms, and there's some thought that they might be higher on the Rangers' wish list than Smith.  In the meantime, the Rangers are reportedly continuing to work with the Brewers on trying to land Jonathan Lucroy and a pitcher.