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Wednesday Morning Links


Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

What does Prince Fielder's retirement mean for Joey Gallo and Mitch Moreland?  Tim Cowlishaw doesn't know!

Prince Fielder rediscovered his love of baseball, a love that burns so bright that he will be announcing his retirement today.

You win, Ghost of Ian Kinsler.

Evan Grant says that the Rangers missed the warning signs that Prince Fielder was going to fall apart, signs which included a calf with two heads being born on Nolan Ryan's ranch, Thad Levine cracking an egg with no yolk, and Prince Fielder being fat.

I'm not sure that's a positive.

You want recaps?  We gots your recaps.

In the end, all of the prescription ice cream in the world couldn't heal Prince's neck.

"It's sad ... but health and family come first," said the guy who played with a ruptured testicle.

Colby Lewis' rehab is progressing and he should be throwing off a mound today.

Please hum Boyz 2 Men's It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday while you read this link.

Yu Darvish has been born again hard.

Job done, the Curse of Ian Kinsler drifted away.  Legends say, however, that if you listen closely while buying a dollar hot dog on a late summer night you can still hear the sound of ghostly tendons rupturing.

And, finally, I will be living in one of the Animal Hope shelter playrooms for 72 hours as part of our North Texas Giving Day event.  There will be a livestream.  I am lining up guests for said livestream, because no one wants to hear me talk to myself for 72 hours.  That would get pretty dark by the end, I would think.  Like Colonel Kurtz dark.  As of right now, guests for the livestream include Chuck Greenberg and Breon Dennis from the Roughriders, and Corby Davidson from the Ticket (among others).

If you know someone who would like to come down and shoot the poop with me on the livestream, hit me up.  Otherwise, I'll be posting a schedule of guests at some point in the near future.