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Texas Rangers Scouting Reports

In-person looks at some of your favorite Rangers prospects

What? We judge on tools and body types.
What? We judge on tools and body types.
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Texas Rangers scouting reports:

Greeting and salutations!! We're coming to you live from way, way, way down on the farm! Super pumped up for all the big things happening on the big league level and we're just as stoked as you are the team looks like a legit contender for a mega-nerve wracking run through the rest of the season. That said, it's been a bit of an up-and-down season for the farm. Some guys up; some guys down. It happens. But regardless of what kind of a season a kid is having- he's still getting written up by a scout. From every team. And hopefully one day, one of those scouts is our very own Kevin Carter.

I met Kevin last summer as he sought me out and told me he genuinely and earnestly wanted to get a job in baseball. He said on the scouting side, on the analytics side, or simply anywhere in the front office. Listen, lots of people say this. Lots of young people say this. But few walk the walk. I told Kevin what kind of dedication I see day in and day out from the scouts and FO folks I'm fortunate to interact with and he said he was gung ho. "Great", I said, "meet me in Surprise." And he did! Next thing I know this young Skywalker throws this old Yoda into his backpack and we're traipsing through the Arizona backfields like it's Dagobah. He's been alongside me and some scouts as we all hurriedly shoved Jimmy John's down our gullets between backfields sessions and he's drank beers with us after long sweaty games in Frisco. He's been on the field for a zillion rounds of BP and he's interacted with players, coaches, and loads and loads of other folks already a bit further down the road than he is. In short, he's busting his ass and paying his dues. So it's time to show off some of that hard-earned knowledge.

We're introducing a 3-part series of Kevin's first ever scouting reports. These were all gained through first hand, in-person viewings. No "YouTube scouting" was allowed. These are not perfect; dude's been at this for about a year, but considering that, they're pretty dang good. Neither myself nor Adam Morris has changed or tweaked or even suggested a single thing. These bad boys are all Kevin- so please aim your mocking and vitriol directly his way. He's most definitely not a scout, but he might be one someday. I'm proud of my young padawan and we hope you enjoy reading his thoughts and insights on some of your favorite, or former favorite :( Rangers farmhands.

Joey Gallo report by Kevin Carter

Leody Taveras by Kevin Carter

Ryan Cordell by Kevin Carter

Lewis Brinson by Kevin Carter

Andy Ibanez by Kevin Carter

You can give Kevin a follow on Twitter @KevinWC7. He stays on topic far more than me.

Tomorrow: Condor Guzman, Connor Sadzeck, Nomar Mazara, Jose Almonte, and Luis Ortiz. Tune in!