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70-50 - Adrian Beltre is a treasure! Rangers win their 70th

Adrian Beltre's grand slam gets Rangers off the mat in a 5-2 win over A's

Rick Yeatts/Getty Images

The Rangers made it 24 2/3 innings between scoring runs. Their franchise record for innings without scoring is 28 innings set in 1972, the first year the Rangers called Texas home. Back in those days, the Rangers basically played in a dust-swept hole where folks rode their horses to come see a quaint ballgame. I guess.

I figure Arlington in 1972 was populated mostly by tumbleweeds and armadillos. But those were the olden days where baseball players used driftwood for bats and their calloused hands for gloves.

In 2016, you can catch Pokemon on your pocket computer and the Rangers play what has historically been the American League's Coors Field. The Rangers actually went 3 2/3 innings without scoring against Ross Detwiler to really put into doubt whether or not they would ever score again.

Down 2-0, they scored in the fourth inning. In the fifth inning, they would score four times. The Rangers also won their 70th game of the season and are once again 20 games above .500.

The bad news of the night, however, is Detwiler broke Shin-Soo Choo's forearm on a HBP and Choo's lost season has probably come to an end.

Handball gif of the day:

Player of the Game: It never seems to fail. Adrian Beltre starts off slow and folks just assume father time has finally caught up with him. He might hit the DL a time or two each year, but by the end of the season, you look up, and there's Adrian Beltre with another 4.5-5.0 WAR season.

In 2016, Beltre is slashing .310/.350/.534 in the second half with a wRC+ of 131. In August alone, Beltre is hitting .358/.393/.547 and he's now once again on pace for another 4.5-5.0 WAR season.

Tonight, Beltre had the big hit as he crushed a Detwiler offering for a grand slam and his 19th dinger of the year. Adrian Beltre isn't normal.

Up Next: The Rangers hope to get a tolerable outing out of Lucas Harrell against righty Andrew Triggs of Oakland. First pitch is scheduled for 7:05 pm CT.