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Texas Rangers rumors: Hanser Alberto coming up?

Levi Weaver notes that Hanser Alberto says, via Instagram, he's heading to Tampa, where the Rangers start a series against the Rays today

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers rumors:  Hanser Alberto, Texas Rangers utility infielder who is currently with the Round Rock Express, said via SnapChat Instagram today that he's headed to Tampa, according to Levi Weaver on Twitter. The Rangers start a series in Tampa today against the Rays, so Alberto is presumably being called up.

It remains to be seen what the corresponding move is going to be...your bench right now is Robinson Chirinos, Jurickson Profar, Ryan Rua and Drew Stubbs (or Delino DeShields, depending on your point of view).  This could be Rougned Odor or Elvis Andrus going on the d.l. -- Elvis has reportedly been dealing with a groin issue since May -- but it seems more likely it would be Rua, Profar or DeShields getting sent down to get regular at bats.  Profar, in particular, has been in an awful slump, and so the Rangers may want to have him go to AAA to play every day and get back into a groove for the week-and-a-half before rosters expand.  Or it could be that Rua or DeShields, who were sent down to get regular at bats and who are now up due to the injuries to Prince Fielder and Shin-Soo Choo, are heading back to get regular reps ahead of roster expansion.

Or it could be that someone else is injured.  I guess we will find out soon enough.

Anyway, this is amusing to me as well because this is a blog post about a tweet about a SnapChat, and while I'm vaguely familiar with what SnapChat is, I'm not on it and don't deal with it, and really, just know that my daughter likes taking pictures then using SnapChat to put funny filters or whatever on it.  Think about a sportswriter 40 years ago, being told he had to be on something called SnapChat so he could get updates from players on breaking news.

Its a weird world we live in.

UPDATE -- I've been informed Alberto actually said this on Instagram, rather than SnapChat.  I'm not on Instagram either.

UPDATE II -- In a subsequent tweet, Weaver says a reliable source is telling him Hanser isn't going to Tampa.  So who knows...