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73-53 - NL baseball is the Skyline Chili of sports, Rangers lose

Why not have the punter play quarterback on second down? Put the assistant coach in goal on power plays. Have the announcer run point in the final two minutes before half time. National League baseball!

Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Derek Holland made his return to the rotation tonight but unfortunately for him, it came under National League rules so his evening was cut short after just 73 pitches. Holland went six innings and allowed just one run on a Joey Votto RBI single in the top of the 6th. Holland threw 53 of his 73 pitches for strikes in his first start since June.

And yet, the offense couldn't do anything to support Holland's return and then the bullpen allowed a couple of insurance runs to the Reds. As trashdick as National League baseball is, there's still no excuse for the Rangers to get shut out by the Reds in Cincinnati. It's the third straight loss for Texas and each has come against a bad, last place team.

As bad as National League baseball is, the Rangers were worse.

Player of the Game: Derek Holland got his first major league hit which is one of those super adorable moments where it looks like a toddler wearing adult shoes where you go aw he thinks he's an adult and leads people who like a neutered version of this sport to pretend there's extra strategy involved.

Up Next: The Rangers thankfully play their final game in a National League park (until the World Series where they idiocy of the rules will be amplified by a billion) with Yu Darvish on the mound against noted slugger Tim Adleman.