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Wednesday Morning Links


Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Could Derek Holland be a number 3 starter in the playoffs!  Sure, anything's possible!

Josh Hamilton and the Rangers are giving each other some space.  They're just taking a break, you understand.

If the answer is Carlos Gomez, I'm not sure I want to know the question.

The DMN has come not to bury Hamilton, but to praise him.

And that's why it's best that warrior kings should fall in battle... so we don't see them grow old and decrepit and get unconditional release waivers.

The DMN has a timeline infographic that has fun icons like beer bottles to mark relapses and a decidedly unfun picture of Josh at the end where he looks like my grandpa.  Who is dead.

Evan Grant has three takeaways, most notably that pitchers cannot goon their way to victory.

You're not going to win many 0 run games.

By releasing him today, the Rangers retain the possibility of Josh Hamilton coming back to the majors to start next season, which is a good thing because watching Josh's legs snap off at the knees and go flying into the stands while he runs out a dribbler to short is the kind of excitement Opening Day crowds ache to see.

This lineup sucks.