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Texas Rangers pitcher Jeremy Jeffress has been placed on the restricted list

The Texas Rangers held a press conference this afternoon, announcing Jeremy Jeffress has been placed on the restricted list

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Jeremy Jeffress, Texas Rangers pitcher, has been placed on the restricted list as a result of his arrest for a DWI early this morning, according to Jon Daniels in a press conference that was held this afternoon.

Daniels says it is likely that this will likely be for just one day.  Lefthanded pitcher Dario Alvarez has been recalled from AAA Round Rock to replace Jeffress on the active roster, though his flight from New Orleans (where Round Rock is playing) has been delayed so it is an open question as to whether he will actually get to the ballpark in time to play tonight.

Jeffress was arrested last night for a DWI at around 3:30 a.m.  The righthanded relief pitcher, who was acquired from the Milwaukee Brewers in the deal that brought Jonathan Lucroy to Texas, was suspended twice while in the minor leagues for testing positive for marijuana.

It is not clear to me why Jeffress is on the restricted list today, but is anticipated to be activated tomorrow.  Daniels indicated the team is going to let the Dallas Police Department and MLB conduct whatever investigations the respective organizations are going to conduct.