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Jeremy Jeffress still on restricted list

Thad Levine says the Rangers have been informed by MLB that Jeremy Jeffress will stay on the restricted list for now

Oakland Athletics v Texas Rangers Photo by Rick Yeatts/Getty Images

Jeremy Jeffress, the Texas Rangers pitcher who was arrested for a DWI in the wee hours of Friday morning, will stay on the restricted list, according to Thad Levine. Levine indicated that the team has been informed by MLB that Jeffress will not come off of the restricted list for today’s game.

The indication yesterday from Jon Daniels was that the Rangers were expecting Jeffress to be on the restricted list for just one day, and be active today. No indication as to why that has changed, other than that MLB is still investigating his arrest.

Dario Alvarez was called up yesterday to replace Jeffress on the active roster. The lefthanded reliever had an unsuccessful outing yesterday, but will presumably be on the roster for the time being.