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62-46 - Offense leaves Hamels hanging in loss to O's

The new lineup has scored three runs in the first two games and found a way to pin a loss on Cole Hamels

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

If not for Cole Hamels briefly catching a bad case of the Martin Perezes in the bottom of the 1st inning, the Rangers might have came away tonight with a win. You can't pin this one on Hamels, however, because scoring just two runs isn't going to cut it.

This game was odd. All five runs were scored in the first two innings with all three of Baltimore's runs coming in the 1st inning after a Mitch Moreland brainfart at first base kept an easy inning going for the O's.

The new guys produced as Carlos Beltran hit his first home run as a Ranger in the top of the 1st and Jonathan Lucroy hit an RBI single to score Rougned Odor in the top of the 2nd off Baltimore starter Kevin Gausman. And that was it. They could have just saved us all two hours and ended the thing right there.

I have to admit, I just assumed the Rangers would win this game simply because Cole Hamels started it. It's hard to say they should have when they scored just two runs, but they should have because Cole Hamels was really good.

Player of the Game: After the defensive blunder turned what could have been an inning ending double play into a double in the first inning, Hamels walked two to load the bases and allowed the big two-out hit when Matt Wieters singled to drive in two. After that blip, Hamels was nearly unhittable going seven total innings and allowed just one hit after the 1st while striking out six Orioles.

Up Next: The Rangers try to score some dang runs and salvage of win in this series with A.J. Griffin on the mound against new Oriole LHP Wade Miley. First pitch is scheduled for 6:05 pm CT once again.