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Wednesday Morning Links


Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Rougned Odor can make mistakes because he can go yard.

Odor's showboating drew some comparisons to Jose Bautista, and if you want you can tell Odor that.  I wouldn't, but have at it.

Cole Hamels would like to win a Cy Young award!

Evan Grant has three takeaways from last night's walkoff.

Colby Lewis doesn't feel sharp in his rehab starts.

Tonight's start is about more than adding one to the win column... it's also bout teaching Martin Perez to love again.

Carlos Gomez is reading the instruction manual for right field and thinks he's got the gist of it.

Rougned Odor learned a valuable lesson last night... everything is forgiven if you hit dongs.

Beltre assesses Odor walk-off ragepunching as "the right way to respond" to his screw ups.

Cole Hamels was not very Hamelsy through four innings last night.

Colby Lewis' Ranger return is still to be determined.

Your prediction about Martin Perez's start tonight will vary depending on what side of the goldshirt / redshirt debate you've staked your position.

Ping pong is truly the universal glue that seals male friendships.

Colby Lewis got mixed results in his most recent rehab start,

Levi Weaver has a roundup of stuff, as well.