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Thoughts on a 14-1 Rangers win

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Rangers 14, M's 1

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Rangers 14, M's 1

  • So, was that pretty close to being a perfect Rangers game?  I think so.
  • Solid effort from Martin Perez, going 6 innings, not allowing any runs on 7 hits, 3 walks and 4 K's.  Tony Barnette went two innings, allowing the lone Mariner run on a Kyle Seager home run because, hey, it is Kyle Seager.  And Dario Alvarez even go into the game and pitched a clean inning.
  • Meanwhile, the bats went nuts, beating up on Felix Hernandez and three Mariner relievers.  After taking a 1-0 lead on a Nomar Mazara RBI ground out, Texas loaded the bases with one out in the fourth with a single and a pair of walks.  Elvis Andrus drove in a run with a single, making it 2-0, and then Carlos Gomez busted it open with a grand slam to make it 6-0...and then everything after that was just piling on.
  • So yeah, Gomez had a homer, Adrian Beltre had a homer, Ryan Rua -- in the game for Ian Desmond once things go out of control -- had a homer, and Rougned Odor had a pair of homers.  It got so bad that Elvis Andrus got thrown at in the 8th, resulting in a HBP and an ejection of an M's pitcher whose name I'm not going to try to spell.
  • And most importantly, this finished a sweep over a Seattle team that came into Texas with dreams of getting back into the A.L. West race, and left town with those hopes dead and buried.  We had the comfortable win on Monday, the crazy come-from-behind victory yesterday, and today's drubbing, sending Seattle out of town 11.5 games back of first.  Seattle isn't just out of the race in the division, closer to last than first...they are now behind Kansas City and New York in the Wild Card race.
  • Houston swept the A's this week and still didn't gain any ground in the division.  The Rangers have the best record in the A.L. and the second best record in baseball.  The Rangers have an 8.5 game lead in the division with a month to go, and with Houston coming to town this weekend, Texas is in a position to put a stake in the Astros' hopes and turn September into a victory lap.
  • We are having fun here, don't you think?