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Jonathan Lucroy, Carlos Beltran gave Texas the best deadline, says Heyman

Jon Heyman says the Rangers had the best trade deadline of the 30 MLB teams

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Jonathan Lucroy, Carlos Beltran and Jeremy Jeffress came to Texas at the 2016 trade deadline, and while the Rangers didn't also add a starting pitcher, as they were seeking, Jon Heyman writes the moves they did make put them at the top of the class as far as the best moves at the deadline this year.  The Astros, conversely, are all the way down at #23, getting a "C" grade, while the Brewers were assessed a "D" for what Heyman believes was an insufficient return for Lucroy and Jeffress.

Meanwhile, ESPN has a first-person account from Lucroy about the trade deadline, his vetoing the initial trade that the Brewers agreed to that would have sent him to Cleveland, and his happiness at being sent to Texas, with Lucroy saying he's learned the hard way not to take winning and making the playoffs for granted.

Anyway, good stuff in both pieces...check them both out...