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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The latest news and notes on the American League leading Texas Rangers

Bob Levey/Getty Images

Good morning.

Levi Weaver recaps the rollercoaster 5-3 extra innings win for the Rangers that kicked the Houston Astros to third place in the AL West.

Jeff Wilson's reactions to Sunday include a note on the Rangers' Silver Boot dominance.

T.R. Sullivan writes that the Rangers came up big to take the series from the Astros even as the game turned intense yesterday.

Evan Grant writes about Yu Darvish being really good and perhaps putting it all together after his best post-TJS outing.

In Sullivan's piece on Darvish, Jeff Banister called it Yu's best start of the year and it sure seems like him and Jonathan Lucroy have instant chemistry.

Sullivan previews tonight's opener from Colorado as Cole Hamels and the Rangers take on left-hander Tyler Anderson of the Rockies in red hot interleague action.

Alex Rodriguez's great but flawed career looks like it has come to an end. I often wonder what could have been if Tom Hicks hadn't been such a coward. Grant writes that the Rangers still owe A-Rod $40 million thanks to that lack of courage, but they also don't really.

In an "it couldn't happen any other way" kind of moment, Ichiro collected his 3,000th hit on the same day A-Rod's career ended. Kenneth Arthur writes about the bane of Tom Grieve and former thorn in the side of the Rangers. As annoying as Ichiro was as a Mariner last decade, it honestly is remarkable that he came here as a 27-year-old and produced 3,000 hits at the highest level after dominating in his own country. Hat tip to Ichiro for a great career.

The next player on the hits list? Adrian Beltre at 2,878 hits. Soon.

Have a nice day!