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Thursday Morning LInks


Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Gerry Fraley, in uncharacteristically positive fashion, notes that this homestand could see the Rangers crowned AL West champs.

Jeremy Jeffress is entering rehab after being arrested for drunk driving.  As someone who woke up in my own bed without knowing how I got home more times than I can count, I commend Jeffress for being proactive.  Drunk driving ain't no joke... I was lucky; I caused an accident but no one was hurt.  Given the many low cost options for securing transport while drinking, there's just no excuse.

Colby Lewis is going to have to wait to rejoin the rotation.

The last time the Rangers had an 8.5 game lead going into September Katy Perry's Teenage Dream topped the charts and Josh Hamilton still had functional legs.

Carlos Gomez is apparently a two outcomes player.

AJ Griffin, the pitcher that the Rangers wouldn't name the fifth starter in the spring even after all other candidates had been eliminated, is opening the series that will bury the Astros.

Landon Haaf at WFAA has Jeremy Jeffress' statement about entering rehab.

And here's yesterday's daily from Levi Weaver.