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Texas Rangers betting odds: Bovada makes Texas the favorite in the A.L.

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In the latest odds from Bovada Sports Book, the Rangers are the favorites to win the A.L. league championship, at 13 to 5.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers betting odds:  Bovada has released updated playoff odds, and the Rangers are currently the favorites to come out of the American League.

Bovada has the Rangers at 13 to 5 odds to win the American League title.  Toronto is the next favorite, at 4 to 1, followed by Cleveland at 17 to 4 and Boston and 5 to 1.  Texas has the third best odds of winning the World Series, according to Bovada, checking in at 13 to 2, trailing just the Cubs (3 to 1) and the Nationals (11 to 2).

The A.L. West division race odds are no longer on the board, as apparently Bovada think the Rangers' chances are so great that they aren't taking action on it any more.

Meanwhile, Bovada also thinks Cole Hamels is a strong candidate for the A.L. Cy Young -- they have him at 2 to 1 to win, with Corey Kluber and Chris Sale each at 3 to 1.