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85-59 - Solo homers stop Rangers bid to sweep Angels on Sunday

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Colby Lewis and Adrian Beltre aren't mad, they're just disappointed

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like a couple of times per year the Rangers face Jered Weaver at The Big A and he's unhittable. Doubly so if it's a day game. Curse you and your stupid Disney rock formation!

In 2016, that's kind of embarrassing as Jered Weaver's fastball makes Colby Lewis look like he's got Noah Syndergaard heat. And embarrassing it was as the Rangers mustered just two runs on four hits against Weaver while falling victim to his season-high eight strikeouts.

Speaking of Lewis, though, our baseball dad returned from the DL and pitched pretty well. He was bitten by the solo home run thrice but that's just classic Colby.

What makes it puzzling, however, was the guys who got him. Yunel Escobar homered to lead off the game for his first home run since April and just his fourth this season. Andrelton Simmons homered in the 2nd and 6th innings for just his second and third dingers of the year. He also hadn't hit a home run since April.

Overall, Colby went 5 1/3 innings and allowed seven hits, two walks, and collected five strikeouts in his return after a relatively truncated rehab assignment. It pretty much looked like a Colby Lewis start, the offense just didn't support him (besides one notable exception we will discuss below).

Player of the Game: The rest of the team should ask Adrian Beltre for forgiveness as today's notable exception went 3-for-4 with two home runs which accounted for both of the Rangers' runs and all but two of their hits. He also stole a base and was back up to hitting .300 before his final at-bat.

Beltre won't win the MVP because he doesn't have that season-long heat but he's got the MVP of my heart forever and ever.

Up Next: The Rangers travel back to Texas but, unfortunately for them, they have to make a pitstop in Houston. Martin Perez opens the series against RHP Doug Fister. First pitch is scheduled for 7:10 pm CT.