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87-59 - Rangers stab Astros, twist knife in 3-2 comeback win

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The Rangers' Magic Number is now 8

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

June 6: A very frustrated Giles: "We're going to go out there tomorrow and put them to the ground."

September 13:

Giles relieved Gregerson.

Beltre grounded out to shortstop.

Odor struck out swinging, Odor safe at first on wild pitch by Giles.

Odor stole second.

Moreland struck out swinging.

Andrus tripled to deep center, Odor scored.

Profar singled to left, Andrus scored.

Profar to second on wild pitch by Giles.

Lucroy safe at first on error by third baseman Bregman, Profar advanced to third on Bregman error, Profar tagged out at home attempting to advance on play.

Rangers score 2 on 2 hits, 1 error - Texas 3, Houston 2

RIP, Houston Astros.

Player of the Game: Adrian Beltre hit his 30th dong of the year and he did it in Classic Beltre style as he drove it out from a knee, but the PotG is A.J. Griffin. Griffin was Colbyian in his effectiveness getting seven strikeouts and walking just one while allowing both Houston runs on solo shots.

Griffin also he saved the bullpen a little by extending his outing to seven innings despite his limited shelf life. He deserved a win but I assure you he'll take keeping the Rangers in it until they could win it.

Up Next: The Rangers finish off their season series against the Astros with Yu Darvish getting another crack at Houston Derek Holland pitching against RHP Joe Musgrove. I wish the Rangers could play the Astros every night. Alas, first pitch is scheduled for 7:10 pm CT.