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87-60 - Rangers show Astros mercy, lose Lone Star finale 8-4

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See you next year, Houston

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Frankly, I'm getting real sick and tired of the lucky Astros lucking their way through a win against the Rangers. Every ball struck by Houston finds a hole and every swat by Texas finds a glove. It's ridiculous. At least after only winning 15 of the 19 games this season, the Rangers won't have to put up with this indignity any longer.

I will miss you, Houston. See you May 1, 2017.

Player of the Game: Nomar Mazara hit a two-run blast in the top of the 7th that turned a 5-1 game into a 5-3 game and surely had Houston thinking, "Here we go again." The Big Chill has now hit 18 dingers this year and has a good shot at hitting 20 in his rookie season. Not bad, Maz!

Up Next: The Rangers have tomorrow off before beginning a series in Arlington against the Oakland A's. The Rangers went 5-5 on their final long road trip of the season and will now finish the 2016 season with all but three games at home.