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Thursday Morning Links


Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Let's not start trucking each others bricks just yet, gentlemen.

Sadly, we only have the Rangers' 15-4 record against Houston this year to ease the burn of last night's loss.

Beltre's signature "home run from a knee" may hurt more than it helps, says home run scientist Adrian Beltre.

David Schoenfield observes that Rougned Odor is not really an MVP candidate.

Aye, the long ball... she be a harsh mistress.

Derek Holland is not making a case for a long, beautiful Ranger career.

Beltre's homer last night was the hardest he's hit all season.

What's the key to the Ranger's winning season?  Human sacrifice!

Hamels is looking to whittle away at the magic number in the series opener against the A's.