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A.J. Preller suspended 30 days without pay

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MLB has suspended San Diego g.m. A.J. Preller 30 days without pay in connection with the Drew Pomeranz trade

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

A.J. Preller suspended:  San Diego general manager A.J. Preller has been suspended 30 days without pay by MLB for improprieties regarding the disclosure of medical information in regards to the Drew Pomeranz trade, MLB has announced.  Buster Olney reported earlier today that the Padres maintained two sets of medical records on its players -- one for the MLB database, and one for internal purposes -- and has this rather damning bit:

According to sources familiar with the fallout from some of the Padres' midseason deals, officials from at least three teams that made trades with San Diego -- the Boston Red Sox, Miami Marlins and Chicago White Sox -- were enraged by what they perceived to be strategic deception: veiling medical information that could have been pivotal in trade discussions. At least one other team reached out to the commissioner's office with a complaint, according to sources.

Preller previously headed up the Rangers international scouting efforts, where he reportedly developed a reputation for being willing to push the envelope in regards to the rules.  Preller was suspended at one point while with the Rangers by MLB, and caused waves with the signing of Jairo Beras, which was seen by some as being inappropriate.

This is a pretty significant move by MLB, and puts into question whether Preller will be able to remain with the Padres.  It is my understanding that, even before this, there were teams that had concerns about dealing with the Padres in trade talks because of trust issues, and concerns about the medical information being disclosed could make it problematic for the organization to keep him on board, since it would make him, as Evan Grant says, "toxic."