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88-60 -- Lucroy Walk Off Pizza Double Bails out Cole

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Ho hum, another one run ninth inning comeback win for the Rangers...

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

A rough outing for Cole Hamels and a couple of missed opportunities made this look early on like it was going to be a Ranger loss...

But the team engaged the John Blake Peckaway Theory, got within one run going into the 9th, and ended up walking it off on a two run, two out Jonathan Lucroy double.

At this point, when Texas is down a run in the ninth, you feel like it would be an upset if they DIDN'T win the game.

Amazing, this team is...

PLAYER OF THE GAME:  Jonathan Lucroy, of course, for not just getting Texas the win, but also giving D/FW residents half price Papa John's tomorrow with his ninth inning double.