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88-61 - Rangers fall 11-2 as A's get revenge on Yu

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Game started bad, stayed bad, finished bad

Rick Yeatts/Getty Images

Yu Darvish allowed a leadoff home run to Oakland's Joey Wendle. The two pitches before Wendle hit his first career dinger on a 1-1 count were pretty much the high point of the evening for the Rangers because they were basically the only time it looked like the Rangers had a chance.

Let's call it walkoff celebration fatigue. The Rangers obviously used tonight to recharge their Neverquit batteries.

Since I assume A's starter Raul Alcantara dimension-traveled to a universe where corny '80s movie plots are real and wished on a carnival fortune teller's cursed skull to sap Yu's talent, Darvish allowed another seven runs before his night was over.

Meanwhile, the offense collected just five hits off Alcantara with only two of those coming between the first five innings of the game.

The Rangers lost 11-2. At least we're nearly back on track for the Rangers to win the American League with a negative run differential! Troll on, Rangers! Troll on.

Player of the Game: The lone star of the night for the Rangers was Carlos Gomez hitting a two-run dong in the 6th after Alcantara's cursed skull wish wore off. By that point, however, the A's already were already leading 7-0. The dinger was Gomez's 6th in less than a month with Texas after hitting just 5 with Houston all season.

Up Next: The Rangers close out this series against the A's with Colby Lewis making the start against LHP Ross Detwiler of Oakland. First pitch of the rubber match is scheduled for 2:05 pm CT.