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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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The latest news and notes on the American League leading Texas Rangers

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. After losing two of three over the weekend, the Rangers are now 8-8 against the Oakland A's this season because of course they are. Thank goodness the Minnesota Twins, Tampa Bay Rays, Chicago White Sox, or A's (whom Texas is a combined 13-19 against this year) won't be in the playoffs or the Rangers would be doomed...

Levi Weaver recaps the Rangers' most recent loss to the A's, this of the 5-2 variety on Sunday.

Jeff Wilson reacts to the loss and the trend of the Rangers losing to sub-.500 teams while noting that regardless, the Rangers are still going to win the AL West.

T.R. Sullivan writes that Colby Lewis took all of the blame for the loss on Sunday. Lewis certainly wasn't great as he uncharacteristically walked a season-high five Oakland batters but he allowed three runs in 5 1/3 innings in his second outing back from missing two months. The real blame is on the hitters who scored all of two runs off Ross Detwiler.

Colby also had the misfortune of running into Khris Davis, writes Stefan Stevenson, who hit his 9th and 10th home runs against the Rangers this season to leapfrog over Reggie Jackson for biggest dinger villain in a single season in franchise history. Davis also spells his name wrong.

You know who else the Rangers have gone 8-8 against? The Anaheim Angels. *sigh* Ryan Posner previews tonight's series opener as the rivals play their final series of 2016 with the Rangers looking to clinch.

In preparation for another Red October, the DMN looks back at each time the Rangers have made the postseason in franchise history.

WFAA's Jason Whitely reports that the Rangers and the city of Arlington have made a pledge to not turn our beloved Ballpark into a parking lot when they build their new stadium.

Finally, I miss Adam Rosales.

Have a good day!