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89-62 - Rangers survive #umpshow, beat Angels 3-2 in opener

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The Magic Number for the Rangers is now 4

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

This wasn't a baseball game. This was a Stefon from SNL sketch about baseball.

This game had everything. Kerwin Danley's terrible strike zone. A Joe West #umpshow. A lodged ball debate. Mitch Moreland's first career ejection. Jeff Banister popping like three neck veins while getting ejected himself. A rain delay where the only rain cloud in the area was directly over The Ballpark. Several Mike Scioscia machinations. Faulty bullpen phones. An Elvis Andrus home run.

Rougned Odor even took a walk. The least surprising thing of the night is the Rangers won a one-run game on a walkoff.

Plus, the Rangers walked off to win and dropped their Magic Number to 4 and can see it fall to 3 with a Seattle loss. Texas also leads Cleveland by two full games in the race for the American League's best record.

Player of the Game: You begin to wonder if it's crazy to think about starting Martin Perez in Game 2 of an upcoming playoff series so he gets the start at The Ballpark. You begin to get these crazy thoughts when 'Teen he does things like go seven innings on 79 pitches and allow just two runs on four hits and zero walks like he did tonight. Maybe it's not so crazy...

Up Next: The Rangers and Angels play their penultimate game of the 2016 season against each other with A.J. Griffin set to make the start for Texas against RHP Daniel Wright of Anaheim. First pitch is once again scheduled for 7:05 pm CT.