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Thoughts on a 3-2 Rangers win

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Rangers 3, Angels 2

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Rangers 3, Angels 2

  • I think I should have taken notes or something in this game.  Because it seems like a lot of stuff happened, but it all sort of blurred together, and I'm not sure I can keep it all straight.
  • Martin Perez pitched really well, I remember that.  7 IP, 4 hits, no walks and just 2 runs allowed.  Just 2 K's, but this was still the good Perez, commanding his pitches well and staying in control.
  • One of the runs came right after a bizarre play where Yunel Escobar was thrown out at third on an attempted triple, but Mike Scioscia challenged the call on the basis that the ball got trapped under the wall and should have been called a ground rule double.  The replay folks in New York agreed, and the result was Escobar being sent to second and Jeff Banister yelling and getting ejected.
  • Also getting ejected today was Mitch Moreland, after a particularly egregious lefty strike was called on him for a called strike three.  In fairness, from what I saw, Kerwin Danley's strike zone was all over the place for everyone.
  • There was also a rain delay, adding to the air of mystery that seemed to hover over this game.  It came in the 8th inning, or maybe the 9th, but in any case late.  The Rangers used five bench players, including Ryan Rua, who pinch hit for Jurickson Profar and smoked a line drive with the bases loaded in the 8th and appeared to have broken the 2-2 tie, only to have it snagged, because Rua appears to have a hex on his bat or something right now.
  • Oh yeah, the Rangers got lots of base runners, but the first two runs of the game came on an opposite field solo home run by Nomar Mazara and a home run by Elvis Andrus to dead center, also with no one on.
  • Meanwhile, the Rangers ended up winning in walk off fashion yet again, with yet another one run victory, courtesy of an Ian Desmond single that brought home Elvis in the ninth.  And there was much joy and celebration, and the magic number was down to four.
  • I may just be lightheaded, now that I think about it, because both Perez and Elvis had terrific games today.