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Rangers announce new stadium details, renderings

Even the commissioner was on hand to talk about the new retractable roof stadium

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Rangers new retractable roof stadium and entertainment plans announced: With voting just weeks away, the Rangers and the city of Arlington held a press conference to announce plans and new renderings for their proposed new retractable roof stadium. In addition, the Texas Live! development, which has already been approved, was announced to be completed by Opening Day 2018.

Here's a look with a fancy video from the Rangers:

Groundbreaking on the Texas Live! project is set to begin after the Rangers win the World Series in November (Owner Ray Davis' words, not mine [but also mine]).

Apparently the new entertainment area has upped its cost from $200 million to $250 million with an additional 100K sq. ft. of retail space added to the plans.

Texas Live! will have three venues -- Rangers Republic, Live! Arena, Arlington Backyard (I don't know what those mean) --in addition to a hotel that the club hopes to be open for business by 2018.

You can read more from the press release here from Jared Sandler's twitter:

Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred was on hand not to admonish Joe West but to add his own endorsement (and/or propaganda depending on your take) for the project as he thinks playing without a roof in Texas is a competitive disadvantage for the Rangers.

All of this will actually be erected in Arlington across the street from The Ballpark. Whether or not the roofed stadium depicted in the renderings will be built depends on voters in November.