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90-63 - Rangers fall short of sweep as AL West celebration delayed

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Magic Number stays at 2 as Rangers somehow lose a one-run game

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Today was a bad day all around for scoreboard watchers and celebration seekers 'round these parts. Both the Mariners and Astros won before the Rangers even took the field tonight, which meant there would be no clinch at The Ballpark this evening. Then, both Boston and Cleveland won their game to inch closer in the best record in the American League race.

But, of course, most importantly, our Rangers didn't help themselves by losing tonight's finale to a bad Angels team and they will now have to wait until Friday at the earliest to finish repeating as AL West champs.

Even worse, by my stupid fan reasoning, the Rangers have now lost the final game of the season against each division rival that they've played with only Oakland -- with whom they have their worst in-season record -- left on the docket. Letting the chaff of the division get the final word just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Derek Holland was the main problem from tonight's game as he didn't seem confident in his pitches after a brisk 1-2-3 first inning. Holland, likely pitching his way off the postseason roster, tossed five innings while allowing five runs (four of which were earned).

The big blow came when Holland was forced to challenge Mike Trout with runners on base in a 2-1 game and Trout predictably made Holland pay with a three-run, game-altering home run.

Texas rallied to make it close and made you believe they were going to come back again, because that's what Texas does this season but they fell short by a run probably specifically because people got mad at Grant Brisbee for writing about enjoying the Rangers' one-run success.

Player of the Game: Nomar Mazara continues to heat up as we near October as he followed up hitting his 20th dong last night with three hits tonight. Mazara also scored a run and drove in two.

Up Next: The Rangers have tomorrow off and then travel to Oakland to begin their final road series of 2016 and final series against the American League West. Much like 2010, the Rangers hope to celebrate an AL West title at the Coliseum.