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Thursday Morning Links

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Rangers aren't sweating when the playoff clinch occurs, but it's looking now like they'll be clinching in Oakland.  That's the equivalent of having your wedding reception at Wendy's.

Keone Kela and Carlos Gomez are not angry with Scioscia for accusing them of trying to hit Andrelton Simmons in the neck with a pitch... they're just sad and hurt.

Michael Young will probably be thinking about  Game 6 for the rest of his life.

Derek Holland: an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in some really crappy outings.

Matt Bush has been blown away by how his season has gone.

Normally, if someone says you're "a different type of guy" they're saying you're weird.

The magic number is still 2.

Tanner Scheppers has passed Derek Holland in the power rankings.

There are two sides to every story: Keone Kela's side, and the wrong side.

And, finally, yesterday Breon Dennis and Joe Mikulik from the Roughriders came out and painted pictures of shelter animals with me.  It was a surreal experience.  Joe Mikulik, by the way, is extremely funny guy.  None of us argued with him when he said his painting was the best, though, you can't be too careful.  Here are the highlights from the painting studio, or you can skip to the end of you just want to see the paintings.

Suzanne, my ex, used to sign me up for recurring donations to the North Texas Food Bank when she was angry with me and, since she paid the bills from my account, I usually didn't discover this until months later.  To her, as far as punishments go this was sort of like when your coach made you run laps for being late; it's a punishment, sure, but it's something you should be doing anyway.

Unfortunately, spousal rage as a donation ion source is not that common in the nonprofit world.

Today is North Texas Giving Day.  Some of you have donated to Animal Hope in the past, and I thank you for that... and, if you follow this link you can donate again (or for the first time) and Community Foundations of Texas will kick in a little extra and make that donation go farther.

Maybe you're the type of person who hates dogs and cats, or hates late morning links posts and cryptic link descriptions.  Well, there are hundreds of area nonprofits that are in need of donations.  For small ones like ours, this is the single largest donation day of the year.  Go to, and you can screen for area nonprofits by focus (women's health, animal welfare, the arts, whatever your particular passion is).  Give some money today... there's a nonprofit with a mission you believe in that badly needs it.