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Texas Rangers agree to deal with Yanio Perez, per reports

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The Rangers have reportedly agreed to sign 21 year old Cuban third baseman Yanio Perez for a $1.1M bonus

Rick Yeatts/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers have agreed to a deal with 21 year old Cuban third baseman Yanio Perez, per multiple reports.  Ben Badler has a story on the reported deal, along with video of Perez, you can check out here.  Perez is reportedly getting $1.1 million from the Rangers.

The Rangers' bonus pool for the 2016-17 J-2 period was originally $2,157,400, but due to trades that sent Ryan Strausborger to Seattle and Dylan Moore to Atlanta, the Rangers reportedly added the maximum amount they were allowed to add for their bonus pool allotment -- $1,078,700, or 50% of their original allotment.

When the Rangers acquired the additional slot amounts in August for Moore, they weren't believed to have gone over their pool amount, so it was assumed at the time there were more deals that they were working on.  Their big money signing prior to Perez was David Garcia, a catcher out of Venezuela who got $800,000.  I do not believe that any of the other players they've signed in this J-2 period are believed to have gotten big dollar signing bonuses, so its reasonable to believe the team still has somewhere just shy of $1 million or so still available to spend without incurring penalties.

Perez is an interesting acquisition...he's currently a 3B, but it sounds like many think he will end up having to move to the outfield or first base.  The righthanded hitter apparently grades out well with his speed and raw power, but there are questions about his hit tool as well as his glove.