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Wednesday Morning Links


Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Rangers need to keep sight of home field advantage and not get complacent, says Tim Cowlishaw.  The kennel tech at our shelter rides bulls, and he calls that mentality "riding for 10 seconds instead of 8."

How Carlos Gomez Got His Groove Back.

Gerry Fraley breaks down the tie breakers should Boston, Cleveland or the Rangers end up tied for the best AL record.

Tony Barnette and Jeremy Jeffress are both back in the Ranger bullpen after lengthy absences.

Gerry Fraley breaks down the Rangers potential playoff opponents.

Everybody has a nefarious brother.

Evan Grant has his three takeaways from last night's win.

And for the time being, the Rangers have once again secured the number 1 seed.

Statcast breaks down the numbers on Carlos Beltran's diving catch in the top of the sixth last night.

The bullpen is coming back together just in time for the playoffs.

Carlos Gomez's homer last night amazed Adrian Beltre.

Jeremy Jeffress showed "fire and talent" in his return from a stay in a rehab facility.

Shin-Soo Choo may be returning this weekend.