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94-65 - Teixeira trade pays off again as Rangers complete comeback

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Thank you, Mark Teixeira and Jeff Luhnow

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball is the dang raddest. Moments after Mark Teixeira hit a walk-off grand slam against the Boston Red Sox in his greatest act in favor of the Rangers since he was traded to Atlanta, the fruits of that trade, Elvis Andrus, tied a 5-4 game up with a two-out RBI single in the 8th.

I love it when baseball writes me beautiful love letters like that.

Moments later, Carlos Gomez, who was casted off from the Houston Astros, obliterated a ball for a three-run go-ahead dinger and eventual game winner.

I love it when baseball writes division rivals Dear John letters like that.

Thanks to Teixeira's blast in the Bronx, the Rangers are now a game and a half ahead of Boston for the top seed in the American League and the loss by Boston also gave the Rangers the tiebreaker should the teams end the season tied.

Player of the Game: Gomez, man. This is getting to be 2011 Mike Napoli-levels of nasty. What did we do to deserve Jon Daniels?

Up Next: The Rangers have the day off tomorrow before finishing up the season with a series against their bitter rivals from Tampa.