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Thursday Morning Links

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Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

The Rangers are likely to stick to a four man rotation in the playoffs.

Carlos Beltran is trying to figure out a routine to stay fresh at DH.

The Rangers are being cautious with Tony Barnette in his return from the disabled list.

Carlos Gomez is tired of all the "one run win" talk, to which I say "right on, Carlos Gomez."

The DMN recap of last night's game talks about Carlos Gomez's monster dong.

Evan Grant has Ranger reactions to the death of Jose Fernandez.

Evan also has his three takeaways from last night's win over Milwaukiee.

T.R. Sullivan recaps last night's win, noting that it extended the Rangers' lead for the number 1 seed in the playoffs.

In his last start before the playoffs Cole Hamels notched his 200th strikeout on the season while completely undermining my confidence in him.

A three game homestand against the hapless Rays is all that stands between the Rangers and home field advantage.