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82-55 - Yu can't win 'em all -- Rangers dropped in finale 7-6

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The Rangers feel sorry for Houston, grant them a win in finale

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Here's an unlikely quirk: Since that game back in April 2015 when George Springer robbed Leonys Martin of a game-winning grand slam, the Astros have lost every game at The Ballpark. Except two. One of their wins for Houston came on June 8. The other came today.

The link between those two games is that each was started by Yu Darvish. That's right. The Astros are zero-for-nearly two seasons in Arlington except for both games they've faced off against Yu Darvish.

That doesn't really mean anything significant. Darvish, of course, has traditionally murdered the Astros and in the loss in June he allowed just one run in five innings and also later exited with a stiff neck that would land him on the disabled list.

Today, it just wasn't pretty as Darvish allowed five runs in four innings and seemed to be in trouble right out of the gate. This would be discouraging if the Rangers hadn't built the second largest division lead in franchise history and finished off an 8-2 homestand against Cleveland/Seattle/Houston while winning each series.

Still, yes, an eight game winning streak, 9-1 homestand, and 11 1/2 games up would have been fun. The Rangers will just have to console themselves with 13-3 record against Houston in 2016. It's just strange to think that two of those three losses have come with Darvish on the mound.

Player of the Game: Despite a miscue in the field in the 6th, Rougned Odor was definitely the best Ranger on the field today as he went 3-for-5 with his 29th home run and drove in three. He is 22 years old.

Up Next: The Rangers embark on their final long road trip of the season with Cole Hamels opening up a series against Seattle with RHP King Felix Hernandez making the start for the Mariners. The Labor Day first pitch is scheduled for 4:10 pm CT.