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83-56 - Never ending weird baseball for Rangers ends with 10-7 win

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West coast night game baseball is the weirdest baseball

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

I freely admit that I enjoy west coast night games because I'm a night owl and they end up being pretty weird. And weird baseball is best baseball. Tonight's game, for example, almost defies explanation as the Rangers and Mariners alternated between trying to win and trying to give the game away.

The teams combined to score at least a run in 12 of the 18 innings with the three runs the Rangers scored in the top of the 5th ultimately being the difference because the Mariners scored twice in two of the five innings they scored at least once while the Rangers were held to a single run in five of the seven innings they plated at least one run.

If that paragraph seems confusing and like it was written by an insane person, that is because this entire game wasn't normal and I am now mentally unwell.

Perhaps the weirdest moment of all -- not just in this game, but in human history -- came when Elvis Andrus hit a home run. Elvis Andrus didn't hit a home run during the entire 2010 season. The home run was Elvis' 5th of the 2016 season. Elvis has hit five or fewer home runs in six of his eight seasons. Elvis has never hit more than the seven hom runs he hit last season.

Elvis Andrus bats right-handed. Tonight's game was played at Safeco Field. Safeco Field is notorious for suppressing right-handed power over the years. Adrian Beltre, a right-handed hitter who has hit 439 home runs in his career, spent the bulk of his prime years with Safeco as his home park, and he averaged 20.6 dingers per season with the Mariners.

As a Mariner, over five years, Adrian Beltre hit just 48 home runs at Safeco Field during his age 26-30 seasons.

But tonight, Elvis Andrus not only hit a home run at Safeco, he hit a home run into the upper deck above the Edgar's sign in left field. Elvis Andrus hit a blast upper tank at Safeco during a night game in September. What the hell kind of nonsense is that?

Elvis also committed two errors that allowed the Mariners to score runs that kept this game a nail-biter for longer than it should have been. However, at the plate, Elvis went 4-for-6 with three doubles and the inconceivable dong to go along with three RBI and two runs scored.

I don't understand baseball and neither do you and neither does anyone else and no one never will. Go to sleep.

Player of the Game: It seemed like everyone that was good tonight was also bad. Martin Perez wasn't good, really, as he coughed up leads of 1-0, 3-1, and 4-2 before settling in to throw what ended up being a quality start as just two of his four runs allowed were earned.

Still, with a couple of errors behind him, Perez was able to give the Rangers six innings and keep out of the big troublesome inning that his plagued him on the road this season.

Up Next: Game three of four in Seattle once again begins at 9:10 pm CT on Wednesday night with A.J. Griffin set to battle lefty Cuban Ariel Miranda.