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Thursday Morning Links


Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Adam is still trying to figure out if he's going to go by Adam Joel Andrus or Adam Morris-Andrus.

Evan Grant notes that this most recent trip through the rotation resembles the Bataan Death March.

With Colby Lewis due to start in Los Angeles this weekend, the Rangers may go to a modified six man rotation.

Evan Grant tells us that there are three key statistics to explain Derek Holland's success since coming back from the DL... heart, grit, and hustle.

Let's hope it's the pre-injury Colby that's coming back, and not rehab start Colby.

The Rangers bats couldn't rescue AJ Griffin last night, but honestly that would have been a rescue on the order of getting Rob Hall down from Everest's South Summit.  Mountaineering reference, bam.

AJ Griffin was great last night!  When he was ahead in the count.

The ambitious Derek Holland looks to earn a series split in tonight's series finale.